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This series embodies a metaphorical interpretation of consumerism. What began as a personal fascination for everyday objects, become a self-awareness of over-consumption and waste, and finally a deep desire to use my design as a message about our unconscious behaviors, questioning the ephemera trajectory of objects. This work presents a selection of ordinary objects / everyday commonalities, dipped into white paint depicting our apathy facing over disposable culture. In order to enhance their resonance, these objects are photographed on a white background, exploring the aesthetic and cultural aspects underscoring their identity and inherent meanings. The white-on-white series was exhibited at the University of Iowa and was available for sale at The Luxe Zone, in Coralville IA. Due to its success, the artwork will be back on sale in our online shop. Send us an e-mail if you would like to be notified when the pre-order is available.